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Traditional shipbuilders in Greece are bound to become extinct. Many of them have given up. Some are still struggling to preserve and transfer their precious legacy, a responsibility weighing heavy on their shoulders. One of them is Dimitris Morakis, on the island of Chios, with origins from the “sandy beaches of Homer” (Asia Minor). For over forty years, since the age of twelve, he has been fully occupied in traditional shipbuilding. His many years of experience combined with the gift of creativityhave established him as one of the best of his kind in Greece.

Suspended People

This documentary of Caravan Project concerns the life of Sabiha, a Roma woman that continues to fight the exclution of the Roma from the society around them, claiming for equality and rights to education. At the same time she struggles for women equality inside the Roma culture and tries hard to prevent violence against the women. She initiated a women association named “Hope” inside the Roma village of Drosero which is offers education to the children of the settlement, and at the same time provides support to the women of the village.

Forest of Gold

 Giorgis Kalivas hasn’t grow a family but he has growed trees. He is a farmer living alone inside the primitive forest of Skouries in north Greece, cultivating his land. His l grandfather land that he lives, and the forest at Skouries in general are threaten because of its richness in minerals, of gold and silver. The intention of a multinational company to build a mine inside the heart of the forest at Skouries region a few metres away from the land of Giorgis, has created an unequal battle and has multiplied the loneliness and the despair of Giorgis.

Sculpting the Land

Alexandros Zygouris is a sculptor, living in Kastelorizo for the past 35 years of his life. Sculpture is for him the art of subtraction to reveal the essence. Alexandros's lifestyle is interwoven with the art he serves. Plain and austere, always barefoot, he walks this rocky island from end to end, sculpting the landscape around him, giving substance to man's relentless struggle to tame and give shape to matter. An excerpt from the documentary "Sculpting the Land" follows below 

Black Land

In Greece, during this unprecended crisis everybody talks about numbers about the effect that this crisis has mainly to people lives ignoring the effect that it might have on the enviroment as well. Residents of Chios island experienced with the most harsh way a devastating fire that broke out in august 2012 as a result of the detachment of the people with the enviroment. For six days the island was burning and high temperatures and strong winds have been hampering the effort to extinguish the fires. This is considered the third biggest destruction to the history of the island.

man at home

The caravan project follows the life of a homeless man in the centre of athens, an extraordrinary man who see his current situation as a passage on consciousness.

The Blind Fisherman

Giannis Koukoumialos is a blind and with no hand fisherman that continues to fish with his boat the last 70 years of his life. In this documentary we embark with kyr Yianni on a journey where the fairytale and reality are the two sides of a coin, focusing on the opposite forces that color the human soul. We see the world through the eyes of this fisherman, in a course that reveals the courage and surpassing of the human spirit.