Commissioned Work

The groundwork for this book took us to eleven different cities. In making our choices, we tried our best to represent the regional differences o
I don’t have a certain kind of style or philoshophy on how to photograph Greece as we travel with our caravan. More is a kind of visual response
The religious communities I photographed called Anastenaria. The religious beliefs of the members of those communities appear to be no different than
Shooting at the backstage gave me the opportunity to search for segments of authenticity and at the same time question the notion of beauty and docum
The Greek population of Alexandria, Egypt, once numbered some 150,000. Traders, businessmen, philanthropists and artists moved among the cosmopolitan
According to the traditional view an ideal society was one in which women were confined to the home, where they performed the various domestic tasks a
I photographed the training and the participation of the Greek athletes with disabilities at the Beijing Paralympic Games 2008, a project that resulte
I got myself lost in the labyrinth alleys of Hutongs and I came in contact with the most gypsy corner of Beijing, a corner full of people, color, and
This a series of photographs from various corporate projects.”Everything is a subject. Every subject has a rhythm. To feel it is the raison d&rs