Commissioned work

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A Mediterranean Sea Food Odyssey

The groundwork for this book took us to eleven different cities. In making our choices, we tried our best to represent the regional differences of the Mediterranean. We knew however, that this culture was not bounded by mere geography, so we also went out of the Mediterranean proper, to Tangier and Lisbon.

Caravan Project Diary

I don’t have a certain kind of style or philoshophy on how to photograph Greece as we travel with our caravan. More is a kind of visual response to what comes in our way, a sheer joy of talking pictures. The Caravan Project is a travelogue in crisis-stricken Greece aiming at bringing people’s untold stories into the foreground while focusing on the richness and diversity of human narration.


The religious communities I photographed called Anastenaria. The religious beliefs of the members of those communities appear to be no different than the average Greek’s. The group consists of people of all ages and educational backgrounds. They participate fully in Orthodox Christian religious life and rituals. Their dogmatic beliefs are no different than those of the average Orthodox Greek layperson, and they go to church regularly.

Fashion Week Athens Backstage

Shooting at the backstage gave me the opportunity to search for segments of authenticity and at the same time question the notion of beauty and document the constant movement. Everything should be faultless and ideal, the expressions the models take, the movements they make, they way they behave. You experience not ideal models but people insecure and scared trying to do their job. Rashels says that perfection doesn’t exist and we can only find fragments of perfection inside the complete authenticity. Some models are trapped inside the shinny role they supposed to play.

Greeks In Alexandria

The Greek population of Alexandria, Egypt, once numbered some 150,000. Traders, businessmen, philanthropists and artists moved among the cosmopolitan society of Alexandria. Their legacy is still to be seen today, not only in their historical influence, their writings, teachings and their influence on the society of Egypt and Greece, but also in the structures which they designed and built - hospitals, churches, schools, public buildings and mansions.

The veil of mystery

According to the traditional view an ideal society was one in which women were confined to the home, where they performed the various domestic tasks associate with managing a household and rearing children. Women are considered intruders when they enter to spaces controlled by man, such as the public sphere. Chador permits them to move freely in these spaces as they are considered that time ‘invisible’, demonstrating an appropriate behavior. In order to be respected by men, and protected from them in public a woman should not flout her looks.

From Athens to Beijing

I photographed the training and the participation of the Greek athletes with disabilities at the Beijing Paralympic Games 2008, a project that resulted to a book in January 2009. Photographing these althletes was for me a unique opportunity to observe and experience the resilience of the human spirit and the passion of the human heart. Sport is more than simply who wins and who loses. It is about our deeper need to overcome what threatens to define us.

Hutong's People

I got myself lost in the labyrinth alleys of Hutongs and I came in contact with the most gypsy corner of Beijing, a corner full of people, color, and energy. I started taking photographs of the people living in Hutongs and I discover a world coming from the old times where people were living closely with other people, share everything and participate lively in their community.

Corporate Projects

This a series of photographs from various corporate projects.”Everything is a subject. Every subject has a rhythm. To feel it is the raison d’etre. The photograph is a fixed moment of such a raison d’etre, which lives on in itself”, Andre Kertesz says.